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By using PoolTogether's Deposit Delegator, you can easily delegate to a small or large number of wallets with an amount of your choosing. Every wallet you delegate to will have a chance of winning a prize of their own, while you still have complete control over your deposit. Feel free to use our deposit delegator app, or read our documentation to learn more about it.
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How are you planning on diving into the pool?

"I want to delegate USDC for weeks to different wallets on "

Here's what you can expect:

Each wallet will have $5,000 of delegations on average This means a wallet has a 1 in ∞ chance of winning a prize every day Statistically, this would be 0 wins every single day By the end, you'd expect 0 total prize wins With an estimated APR of 0% no delegatee could complain This means total winnings of $0 distributed amongst the wallets